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HMF Concert Series

Shelburne Rotary has proudly hosted the Heritage Music Festival and Fiddle Contest for 70 years but with the uncertainty of what the pandemic might have in store for us, we have made the decision to shift away from the traditional Heritage Music Festival in 2022 and instead we are introducing to you the HMF Concert Series and offering you several events to enjoy throughout the year.

This Concert Series will allow us to offer events that can pivot in uncertain times and proceed safely for all participants.

Sponsors will benefit greatly by the HMF Concert Series as events and sponsors will be promoted several times throughout the year in June, August, September and November, along with many other benefits.

Events will be a variety of genres to appeal to many tastes and differing audiences. There will still be events on Heritage Music Festival weekend (August 6th) in keeping with tradition. Stay tuned.

Events will all act as fundraisers for the many causes that Rotary supports.